An Emerging City in Transition

With a population of 100,000, Cottbus is by now the largest regional growth centre* south of the Berlin-Brandenburg capital city region. Its central location in the heart of Europe, the efficient infrastructure, the attractive industrial sites as well as the surrounding nature and the people themselves form a unique combination of locational advantages. They make Cottbus an interesting address for numerous sectors. With its advantageous location between Berlin and Dresden, Cottbus offers an ideal intersection of important transport routes, providing direct access to Eastern and Southern Europe.

*Regional growth centres (RGC) receive preferential support in the development of their specific economic and scientific potential. The aim of RGCs is to reinforce the capacity for growth in Brandenburg, safeguard employment and improve the efficient use of funding. RGCs are to be a motor for their region, positively affecting their catchment area. They therefore enjoy a funding advantage in the funding programmes for development of the respective federal state ministries. The location development concepts of the individual RGCs are translated into specific projects and measures for infrastructure expansion, development of industrial sites, skilled labour development, technology transfer and projects in the fields of culture and tourism, and implemented with support from the federal state government.

Beacon for Science

Cottbus is home to the only technical university in the Federal State of Brandenburg: BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. The scientific community is varied, including research institutes focusing on specific topics such as, in the field of energy technology, the Centrum für Energietechnologie Brandenburg and the Fraunhofer Institut, as well as the Panta Rhei research centre that primarily focuses on lightweight construction materials. The city boasts Brandenburg’s largest hospital: Carl-Thiem-Klinikum with 1,200 beds and 2,500 employees. Moreover, it is an academic teaching hospital governed by Charité Berlin and actively supports the practical training of medical students. In addition to the traditional sectors of metal industry, mining, conventional energy industry and technology, a host of innovative businesses and future-oriented sectors have discovered Cottbus. The sectors of biotechnology, care, health, information technology and renewable energy in particular benefit from ideal conditions regarding education, science and research in the city.

The outstanding environment, apart from modern scientific institutions, comprises qualified professionals, immediate access to pan-European transport corridors with direct access to markets in East and West Europe as well as attractive industrial and commercial sites. Equipped with a departmentalised administrative structure as well as many federal and federal state authorities, Cottbus ensures tightly organised processes, short journeys, and swift approval procedures.

Industry & Economy

An efficient infrastructure and the favourable location between Berlin and Dresden: Cottbus is the ideal intersection of important German transport routes with direct links to East and South Europe.

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Education & Science

Cottbus is a site for education and science with the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. Various institutes focusing on specific topics make the city a research site with a broad range.

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Living & Housing

Lusatia’s modern ‘capital’ offers affordable housing and a family-friendly environment with a wide range of childcare options and schools. The Spreewald and the Lusatian Lake District offer a host of leisure activities and nature in the immediate vicinity. Nature is on your doorstep with the Spreewald and the Lusatian Lake District.

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Vision & Future

Cottbus plans ahead for the future: be it a pioneer of digitisation, a model city of development from lignite to the harnessing of hydrogen, or as a region for health and care – the city is ready for change.

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