The Hegelstraße industrial estate is in the city’s south, about 5 km (3 mi) from the city centre. The estate benefits from its location right next to the motorway. Areas for a noise protection wall towards the motorway have been designated.

Key Data

Area111500 sqm
Development statepartially tapped
Site Occupancy Index0.6 – 0.8
Purchase PriceOn request

The next junction for the A15 (federal motorway) is in only 1.5 km (1 mi). Of about 135,000 m² (145,313 sq°ft), about 110,000 m² (1,184,030 sq ft) are still available, of which 50,000 m² (538,196 sq ft) and 36,000 m² (387,501 sq ft) are contiguous. A legally valid development plan exists for the site. Targeted user groups are service providers and technical services as well as trades. The proximity to the residential area means that environmentally friendly uses with limited traffic are given priority

Funded by the Federal Government and the Federal State of Brandenburg in the context of the joint task: “Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur” – GRW Infrastruktur for the improvement of the regional economic structure