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The implementation of a project idea takes time, effort and energy. The EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus’s Company Service provides support in the search for a suitable plot or industrial property for rent or purchase from the start. Depending on the requirements regarding the space or property as well as the price, EGC compiles the key data for the business site, prepares specific proposals and liaises with contact partners for financing and funding options.

Businesses and fresh entrepreneurs starting from scratch are supported by EGC throughout on their way to independence and successful development. EGC points out the relevant authorities, chambers, associations, and finance providers and supports those interested in its sites from the first inquiry to conclusion of the authorisation processes.

In the implementation phase, too, EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus supports investors, businesses and entrepreneurs, including ensuring the skilled labour supply and recruitment. EGC moreover promotes exchange and technology transfer between the involved parties, enables access to research and development results and their transfer into the economy.

EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus creates the necessary framework conditions and supports investors, local businesses and entrepreneurs fast and solution-oriented in a range of fields.

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Our Services in Detail

Settlement Management

EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus supports investors in the new establishment or relocation of businesses, develops specific site proposals and individual offers. EGC is a reliable partner in solving challenges during authorisation processes and other issues that need resolving with the city administration and other authorities.

Industrial Property Marketing

The City of Cottbus offers an excellent range of commercial and industrial estates of varying sizes with good infrastructure links. As the key contact for industrial and commercial estates, EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus is up to date both regarding the availability of free spaces and the demand for new properties. As an interface between businesses and the municipal administration, EGC supports you also in issues regarding building law, liaises with the relevant authorities and supports you in all legal approval issues.

To provide you with optimal site alternatives, EGC requires a specific project description as well as a short business profile from you.

Property Agency Service

Business expansion or relocation – EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus supports you in finding the right property for your business. The properties available for lease or purchase at the business location Cottbus ranges from building complexes and office spaces to warehouse and production halls.

EGC cooperates with various real estate partners and maintains a comprehensive market overview.

Send us your specific project and needs – EGC begins with the search for suitable premises for you. Committed and confidential.

Company Service

Company service, that is, portfolio management and development are key tasks of EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus. Here, the focus is on the stabilisation of businesses and maintaining of existing jobs. Equally, the aim is to promote healthy growth of Cottbus’s businesses as well as their commitment to the location. Therefore EGC and its partners supports local businesses in their problems and needs with advice, information and assistance.

Most jobs are generated by the city’s established businesses, which is why the importance of portfolio development must not be underestimated.

Business Succession

Many businesses face the challenge of business succession and it often can prove difficult to find suitable successors to take over one’s life’s work. The protection of jobs and the successful continuation of the business are of huge importance for our regional economic structure and therefore the key motivation for EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus in addressing this topic.

You can find comprehensive information regarding the topic of business succession on this page:


A host of funding programmes and financing options are available for supporting businesses and entrepreneurs. EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus provides advice and contacts, appropriate funding options and supports you in making applications.

Skilled Personnel Consultancy

Committed, qualified employees are the backbone of every business. Therefore EGC’s services also includes help in the search for suitable personnel – in close cooperation with the Job Centre and other service institutions and recruitment agencies.

Integrated Support

Each business’s journey passes through many stages. Where desired, EGC acts as an advisor, facilitator and partner from the start and supports you actively and in person:

  • in modernisation, expansion, or relocation within the city area
  • in organising the business succession with individual solutions as needed
  • in the representation of interests in political committees and towards institutions

International Partnerships and ‘Looking Eastward’

EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus is a reliable partner for international cooperations and partnerships. The EGC team includes staff from the Russian-speaking region and other European countries who facilitate the development of international business contacts.

All begins with longing..

The longing for home, family, friends or the one true love.

„Sehnsucht Cottbus“ is the returnee initiative organised by the City of Cottbus, EGC Wirtschaftsförderung Cottbus and other partners from the fields of industry and administration that aims at supporting the (re-)settlement of new and native citizens. Intensive marketing is already having an effect and attracts more and more newcomers and returnees to Cottbus. The close networking collaboration between the partners ensures a warm welcome and support – free of charge and personal: willkommen(at)

We are a partner in the network.


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